This is a map covering the wider center of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia

The red area represents the part of the city called „Dorćol“. This neighborhood is perceived as Belgrade’s „party zone“ with a lot of cafes, restaurants, and bars. The most famous street in Dorćol is Strahinjića Bana Street, also known as „Silicon Valley“ – a place where rich and famous people are enjoying their free time. But, besides Silicon Valley, Dorćol has also affordable places. Besides fun, in this area, you can find a few historic buildings and monuments,  which brings a lot of tourists here and makes this neighborhood pretty crowded.

Grey area is the part of town where the Belgrade Tower is placed. This part of the city is also known as „Kalemegdan“. Here, you can see a wonderful fortress, the town Zoo, and of course, you can rest in one of the many cafes inside of the fortress. This is a pedestrian zone with a lot of nature.

The black area represents the city center, the main city square- Trg Republike. This is a very traffic part of the city because people from every neighborhood in Belgrade can wait for their ride from the Knez Mihailo Monument. You can enjoy walking on the Knez Mihailo pedestrian street, or if you prefer, you can do some shopping here. It is always a huge crowd, no matter how early or late it is, but it is extremely safe.

The purple area is part of the city called „Terazije” and it is also a very traffic part of the city because of the bus lines. It is pretty safe during the day, but in the evening it is not a rare situation to see the migrants. In a few last years several small robberies happened there, so if you are passing near Terazije at night, keep your wallets near you.

The blue area is a neighborhood called „Sava Mala“. It is a very traffic area giving that the main Bus station is placed there. This part of the city is reconstructing at the moment, but that’s not the reason to miss seeing the building of the old Train Station and the Post office building. Regarding safety, I must once again mention the migrants that you can see in a huge number by the Main Train Station. There were not bigger incidents, but surely it is not pleasant to pass there at night.

The green area is the newest part of the city. It is built in the last few years. It is called Belgrade Waterfront. This part of the city is reserved for the ones with the „deeper pocket”. This neighborhood is the safest place in Belgrade giving that it is newly built, maybe the most expensive, the cleanest, and reserved for the higher class.

The pink area is a very old part of town and it is called „Vračar“. This neighborhood is extremely safe, giving that the believers are gathering in this area because of the biggest Christian church in Europe.

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