Being the financial capital of Germany, Frankfurt is a very busy and crowded city. This mapee shows you the neighborhoods of Frankfurt, what to do there and where to stay.

Red area

The red area represents the city center, also called Innerstadt. The major thing I was really surprised about was how packed the streets were. This is largely due to the facts that it is the most tourist place and that the major banks and financial institutions are located here as well.

What I really liked here were the old historic pre-WWII landmarks, since most of the city is becoming more modern. Moreover, I enjoyed shopping on Zeil Street – a pedestrian-only street that has a lot of famous brands.

This is the best area for staying if you are a first-time traveler. However, accommodation here is a bit pricey and the area is very noisy.

Green area

The green area is also called Bahnhofsviertel. In the past prostitution and drug trafficking were the main activities here and they are still on offer. However, what makes this area exciting is the nightlife. There’s many amazing restaurants and bars if you want to have a good time. Nonetheless, all things considered this area is not the safest place to look for accommodation.

Blue area

The blue area is called Westend and it is the richest one. When I got to this area I felt like I was in a different place because there are so many skyscrapers and modern buildings around. One thing that was really great is the amount of green spaces everywhere. Therefore, this area is a great place to stay at. The atmosphere is calm, the city center is close and public transport is great.

Orange area

The orange area is also called Sachsenhausen and it is currently the most populated residential area. It wasn’t heavily bombed during the war so I was able to roam around the cobble paths and see many historic buildings. Even though it is very populated I was surprised by the relaxing atmosphere. There are so many things to do and visit around here but the best would be to experience the nightlife and have some apple wine.

Being a calm and suburban area it is a great choice for accommodation. Prices are very affordable and the public transport system functions perfectly if you don’t want to walk to the city center.

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