How it Works


Ever planned to visit a place, but realized you have no clue about the true layout and character of your destination?
This is important in making the best of your trip, as far as logistics and overall enjoyment.

Everyone has some knowledge about specific countries, cities and neighborhoods.
If shared collectively, then everyone takes the guess work out of picking a place to stay or hang out at their destination.

No more scratching your head at the accommodation options littering the map on your airbnb or hotel search.
Just look up a mapee posted here, and get acquainted with the different areas on the map.
Since mapees are created and shared by other travelers like you, you’ll be getting first-person insight into these areas.


1. You realize you are conversant with a specific geographic location.
Maybe Chiang Mai, Thailand.

2. You pull up your favorite map program (Google Maps, Apple Maps etc).

3. You search the area you wish to share a mapee about, and take a screenshot of it.

4. Using any doodle tool (Windows Snipping Tool, MS Paint, mobile apps, Google MyMaps etc).
Doodle colored shapes around the areas you know and wish to discuss.

5. Click the “Submit Content” button and provide insight you feel is useful for a stranger to understand those areas. Attach doodled map image.

Nothing fancy!

On the flip side, Traveler McTravel happens to be planning a trip to the same place.

They go on their favorite accommodation booking site, but can’t decide what area to stay, as there are good deals scattered all over the map.

They are clueless where is central, where is close to the nightlife, where attractions are, where is safe to walk at night, where has good public transport etc.
Scouring through travel forums and multiple blogs can be tedious.

So they visit Mapees and:

1. Search their travel destination.

2. They find your mapee (as well as others) and familiarize themselves with the areas.

3. They make an informed decision on what part of town to stay, and book their stay.

Everyone is happy!