Port Elizabeth

This is a mapee covering Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The area contains many popular tourist attractions.

Red area


Addo Elephant National Park is the third-largest national park in South Africa and it is located approximately 72 km from Port Elizabeth. It provides just about everything which a nature lover could want. There are excellent accommodation venues throughout the area. The surrounding area is rural in nature and most are used for agricultural purposes.

Purple area


in this area, you will find Van Stadens Nature Reserve which is a popular hiking and picnic spot. This nature reserve is approximately 40 km from Port Elizabeth but it provides visitors with a wide variety of highly enjoyable activities. The Van Stadens bridge is one of the most popular attractions in the area. There is also the Storms River Bridge on the eastern end of the highly popular garden route. A lot of agriculture takes place in this area but there are also extensive conservation and protected parks.

Green area


there are many highly popular tourisms attractions in the center of Port Elizabeth. Such as the Boardwalk in Summerstrand which is close to the beach. It is a convention center as well as a leisure resort and there is also an artificial lake. There are many specialty stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and boutiques. There is also Route 67 which is an art and heritage trail that includes 67 unique artworks that have been created by artists working in the Eastern Cape.

Black area


For those who love the beach and everything which it provides, Port Elizabeth has the safest and tidiest beaches in South Africa. There is 40 km of beaches all of which are properly maintained all through the year. Some of the most popular swimming beaches are Wells estate Beach as well as Humewood Beach and Kings Beach.

Purple area


the Cape Recife Nature Reserve is located in this area and the primary focus here is the well-being and conservation of coastal birds. Many of these birds are rescued by workers and then professionally treated until they can be returned to the wild. A lot of work is done with African penguins which come from the nearby St. Croix island which is well-known to be one of the largest breeding colonies of African penguins anywhere in the world.

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