Green Area:

This includes Hellshire. Hellshire is the city’s pride and joy that is easily reached by bus or taxi. The area blends commercial and residential needs perfectly to create a unique environment. The home of several beautiful and famous beaches such as Hellshire Beach and Fort Clarence, the neighborhood is perfect for beach, nature, and seafood lovers as well as visitors who love to capture picturesque local scenes. For the party animals, there is no shortage of beach and water parties. It also houses some of the most beautifully designed, modern, and secure accommodations found in the city.

Red Area:

This includes Caribbean Estates. Viewed as the best of the best that the city has to offer, this upscale residential neighborhood can be reached by taxi within minutes. The neighborhood is fully equipped with its own amenities including a pool and sporting facilities. Being a gated community, the area is both secure and expensive and is more ideal for tourists who are looking for maximum comfort. Nightlife and entertainment tend to be limited to activities within the community. 

Yellow Area:

This area includes Braeton. It is minutes away from Caribbean Estate as well as the city center. A quick taxi drive will have tourists here in no time. This area is ideal for tourists who are looking to have a feel of what the local culture is truly like. From the food to the entertainment, everything here is based on the local culture.  Accommodation here is really affordable and secure. It also has the right amount of commerce needed to meet visitors’ needs. 

Purple Area:

This includes Greater Portmore. This area is mainly a residential one. It can be reached within minutes via bus or taxi. While entertainment can be limited, it tends to be more locally based. It has the right amount of amenities and commerce to make staying here in one of its affordable accommodations very comfortable.

Blue Area:

This includes Daytona. The area is a residential neighborhood that offers quiet, comfortable, and secure accommodations. Nightlife and entertainment is a bit limited. It easy for tourists to get here via taxi.vv

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