City Centre (red area)

The heart of Sheffield is predominantly a retail space, with major high street retail brands lining the streets of Fargate, a pedestrianised zone right in the middle of town, as well as the nearby Orchard Square. These areas are very clean and safe, and you’ll find the locals to be extremely friendly and helpful if you’re lost.

There’s more than just shopping here though, with plenty of culture to be found. There’s museums celebrating the city’s industrial heritage, some world famous theatres (one of which hosts the World Snooker Championship every year), loads of pubs and clubs along West Street and of course City Hall, which plays host to plenty of big name comedians and bands. Hotels are really affordable even in the centre, priced around £50 to £60 a night.

Riverside District (green area)

This part of town was heavily industrialised when I was growing up and you can see the remains of this today, even though it’s since been gentrified. The area is home to Kelham Island, which these days is the place to be if you’re a fan of real ale and craft beers, as it’s packed with microbreweries and award winning alehouses. There’s also an industrial museum here, a nod back to older times. You probably wouldn’t look for accommodation here, but it’s good to visit.

London Road (orange area)

As a fan of Sheffield United football club, I’ve spent so much time on this long and wonderfully diverse road which is close to the stadium. If you are not a football fan, maybe avoid this area on a Saturday evening. But if you’re hungry and you enjoy the hustle and bustle, go to London Road. There are restaurants from literally everywhere in the world, with 6 or 7 different types of Asian cuisine on offer, plus North Africa, South America, the Caribbean and of course, a Fish and Chip shop. There’s lots of top quality real ale pubs along here too.

Ecclesall Road (blue area)

Sheffield is very much a student town, with two major Universities in the city. You’ll find a lot of the student population gathered around Ecclesall Road, which has a lot of the more affordable – but also a bit more run down – accommodation. That said, it’s still a decent night out with a few nice restaurants and bars in the area.

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