This mapee is about the Chicago area.


Purple – The purple area is part of the north side of Chicago. The north side of Chicago is a very wealthy and affluent part of town. If you’re looking for a romantic dinner or fancy restaurant that isn’t in the middle of city chaos, then the north side is for you. There isn’t much to see in the north side of town since a lot of it is just wealthy housing. However, you can find a lot of nice parks in the north side of town like Washington Park.

Orange – The orange area is the south west side of Chicago. A lot of the areas in the south west side feature architectural attractions, restaurants, artistic attractions, and a lot of suburbs. You can find pretty much anything on the south west side of Chicago as long as you do enough exploring. Just know that the further west you go, the more suburban it gets.

Black – The black area is the west side of Chicago. The west side of Chicago is the most ethnically diverse part of Chicago. There aren’t any mainstream tourist attractions on the west side of Chicago besides a few concert venues and museums. However, if you look deep enough you can find some hidden gems of local restaurants and shops. A lot of the restaurants and shops are very cheap on the west side of Chicago in case you’re looking for some cheaper options.

Red – The red area is the beginning of the south side of Chicago. The south side of Chicago is known to be one of the most dangerous parts of any city. However, once you gain the confidence and guidance from a local, you can find some great hidden gems in the south side of Chicago. For example, Pier 31 is known as a new and exciting area for beach life. Other gems include local restaurants and art scenes. Just be careful with how far south you venture, and try to avoid this area if you’ve never been to Chicago before.

Blue – The blue area is the heavy tourist area of Chicago. Here you’ll find everything from Millennium Park to Willis Tower. The theater district of Chicago is also located in this area and is a must if you have some money to spend. Just know that this area is a bit overpriced and overwhelming at times, but is a must-see for any first timers to Chicago.

Green – The green area is the northern side of Chicago by Lincoln Park. Lincoln Park is an amazing area for nightlife, dining, and entertainment. The area has a great beach scene, as well as tourist attractions like the Chicago History Museum and the Lincoln Park Zoo. The Navy Pier is a must-see for any tourist. It’s a great area for first time Chicago tourists who don’t want to venture anywhere that isn’t too safe.

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